Ubiquitous personal & home care products have become a necessity in our daily lives. Compared to the products of the past, modern-day technologies and formulations are developing at breakneck speeds to keep up with ever-changing consumer habits and trends 
Our experts are constantly on the move to innovate and deliver better solutions for our partnersFrom marketing concepts to technical support, wdeliver complete solutions to help our partners stay relevant.

We Champion Innovation

Staying ahead of the curve, we focus extensively on developments into emerging trends such as skin microbiome, anti-pollution, UV & blue light protection, responsible sourcing and more. Join us in our adventure to discover what the future has in store for the personal & home care industry.

Quality Products

In line with consumer expectations for sustainable products, we offer a range of products that fulfil the emerging concept of responsible beauty.

Explore the Ingredients from our World-class Principals

Any formulation requires a delicate balance of ingredients that creates synergistic properties when blended. We offer the A to Z’s of chemical ingredients that you need to include in your formulations.

Discover our Range of Products

Technical Support

We are equipped with application laboratories to support our customers with functional solutions.  
Product development life cycles include several formulation iterations that can severely lengthen your time-to-market. Our formulation experts can help to reduce that so that you arrive at your destination with speed and certainty.

Our Laboratory Resources

We are equipped with the resources to develop prototypes, technical advice, apparatus and equipment, SPF/PA testing, microbiological testing, comb testing

Explore Some Of Our Formulations

Formulation Expertise/Applications Lab: Looking to accelerate your product development? Explore how our technical experts blend innovation with new technologies to shorten your go-to-market strategy with less risk. Stay abreast of the trending topics in the personal care industry with our formulations. Get in touch with us if you have specific requests.